Enterprise Dashboard

Date Spring 2018
Tools Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision
My Role Prototyper / UI Design / User Researcher

HoloBuilder is a startup which focuses on 360 progress images for construction sites. I was tasked with creating an entirely new product - an enterprise dashboard - to give users an overview of all their current projects and active users within HoloBuilder.


Users from large construction companies found that the existing HoloBuilder structure didn’t allow for an overview of all active HoloBuilder projects and it didn’t provide an access management system which aligned with their company structure. HoloBuilder needed to provide a solution which coordinated with the multi-tiered administration structure found in most large construction companies.


The flexible new enterprise dashboard creates a simple hierarchy to let executive level users manage multiple projects while setting access rights for project-specific roles. The design feels familiar to many users and creates an open platform to implement future features.

After rounds of customer feedback, this is the hierarchy we created for the dashboard.

The process began by fully understanding the problem. We received feedback from users via a combination of video call and some in-person visits with local customers.

Early sketches of key screens.

After early hand sketches we then transitioned to wireframes that we shared with customers. Here are some key findings from these user feedback sessions:

-We had to design for many different user types expected to use this platform

-Each company was slightly different in the way projects were managed


After iterating on the prototype, I created high-fidelity mockups and a design system that the engineers used to build.

Outcome: This first version of the dashboard served as an open platform to add additional features over time. Getting large enterprise customers up and running has been made much more efficient with the dashboard.

Date Spring 2018
Tools Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision
My Role Prototyper / UI Design / User Researcher