JobWalk App

Date Summer-Fall 2018
Tools Adobe XD, Invision, Unity
My Role UX Design / UI Design / User Research

HoloBuilder is a startup which focuses on 360 progress images for construction sites. The JobWalk App is HoloBuilder’s mobile app, used to capture 360 photos on site. I designed the second big iteration of this product - version 2.0.


The original app was unstructured and inefficient. We needed a new experience that required less training and would produce fewer support requests.


The new design was able to clearly focus the scope of the app and make a simple and uncomplicated workflow. The capturing process was completely revamped by removing unnecessary ‘capture modes’, letting the user seamlessly switch between capturing and viewing of photos from one screen. The assumption to make the JobWalk app a full mobile HoloBuilder was disproved, and the JobWalk app became a streamlined capturing experience that fit the target users.

Some of our users in the field.


We had to understand our target users, their paint points and their goals so we could streamline the JobWalk app to simplify their workflow. This process began by reaching out to users locally and remote. After many user interviews we found some key findings:

-Field users weren’t very interested in viewing images

-The focus should be kept on streamlining the photo capturing process

The original JobWalk app I was given.

We discovered quickly that most users didn’t understand the difference between some of the options in the original design. Also, the way images were triggered was too abrupt and ended up increasing total capture time.

A few quick wireframe sketches.

Team Collaboration: Our team is split between San Francisco and Aachen, Germany. The product team sits in SF and the engineering team sits in Germany. This means we have to focus on communication in order to keep things moving smoothly. I had early morning calls every week day in order to coordinate with the German team.

Final Design

After rounds of iteration and feedback on the prototype, I created high-fidelity mockups and worked directly in Unity to help build it.

Outcome: We had significantly less support requests once the JobWalk App 2.0 went live. Users were able to understand much more quickly how to use the basic functions.

Date Summer-Fall 2018
Tools Adobe XD, Invision, Unity
My Role UX Design / UI Design / User Research